Traffic Analytics

Traffic Analytics for Smart Cities, Retail and Advertising.

Understand traffic patterns
The insights you need to better manage your assets.

  • People Counting
  • Vehicle Counting
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to Install
  • Compact Design
  • High Accuracy
  • Indoor and oudoor

Available as a turnkey solution with cloud based analytics or VAR/ODM integration

See it in Action.

Demos of some of our devices in action

People Traffic Counting

Person traffic detection, classification and counting

Vehicle Traffic Counting

Vehicle detection, classification and counting, only incoming cars, ignoring trucks.

Visitor Counting

Low cost, high accuracy bidirectional people counting for retail and public venues

Solutions by Industry


  • Visitor Counting
  • Visitor Flow
  • Storefront Traffic Counting
  • Queue Size Monitoring


  • Traffic Counting
  • Public Space utilization metering
  • Parking Space Monitoring
  • Public Transport People Counting


  • Audience Metering
  • Kiosk Usage
  • Traffic Metering
  • Trade Show visitor Counting

What we do.

Design and development of advanced computer vision products


Electronic Circuit Design And Manufacture

Design and development of rugged, high performance, electronics for vision and artificial intelligence applications, enabling our own products and bespoke applications.


Embedded Software Development

Development of embedded machine vision applications with state of the art algorithms and artificial intelligence, optimizing for performance and cost.


Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Machine learning R&D, model design, train and evaluation for object tracking, model optimization, acceleration and data visualization applications.

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